Createria Signature is a practical, easy to use application that allows you to create attractive, intelligent and responsive EMAIL SIGNATURES

With your new professional email signature, you’ll be nurturing your professional relations email by email, ensuring you’re always on their mind!

Build your branding, develop your visibility and build confidence from the start.

And best of all, you will be able to MEASURE your results with Createria Signature.

A stylised, intelligent and measurable email signature IN JUST THREE STEPS

1Choose your design

Select one of our 15 modern design themplates.


Add your professional data with your brand presence.

  • Upload your photo and logotype
  • Apply your identity color palette
  • Add your professional and contact data
  • Link your social networks

3Download your signature

Download your new email signature in HTML and dazzle your recipients in Gmail, Outlook, Mail and Yahoo!

An email signature that works for you while you focus on improving your brand and business


Your email signature is a small but important part of your global story. Use your email signature to communicate who you are, what you do best and what you can offer the world.


Show yourself from the first transparent and open moment so your contacts will know you better, show your photo and links to public profiles, create sympathy and connect from the first moment.


A professional electronic signature helps you to be visible, to develop your community and to keep your brand present in your clients’ minds at all times.


Capture the attention of your recipients immediately with stylish design and buttons. Attract traffic to your website and your social media profiles.


Createria Signature Pro allows you to measure the number of times your emails have been opened and clicked on. You’ll see a summary of trends and how many readers your website and social profiles generateIf you don’t measure, it’s difficult to improve!


If you can manage the updates of your signature, you can always tell what the current campaign, promotion or news is with a direct link to your website or store.

Manage your signatures and review your results from your dashboard

It’s simple. It’s fast. It’s the key to your growth.


Here we share how to make your emails attractive and effective

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We have answers

What is an early access?

We are currently in the pre-launch phase and we already have the beta version of the web app in place. If you want to have an early access to it, try all the features for free and give us your testimonials before the official launch. You just have to subscribe to Createria Signature updates. After the official launch, the web app will be paying.

What email providers does Createria Signature work best with?

Createria Signature is compatible with Gmail, Outlook, Mail and Yahoo.

Once you have chosen and customized your signature, download the HTML code and we will give you the step-by-step plan so that you can integrate your signature into your email provider.

What will be the difference between Createria Signature FREE and PRO accounts?

The FREE account will be the simplest way to test the benefits of Createria Signature and ensure you have a tool that will help you with your work.

  • The free account is valid for one month,
  • you can choose between 6 templates and
  • enjoy the monitoring functions of your emails.
  • During this period you will have a Createria banner at the bottom of your signature.

With our PRO account you’ll have access to:

  • 15 responsive designs that will allow you to easily combine professional photos, logos and operational links on all devices.
  • Up to 10 signatures
  • Stylish buttons to attract traffic to your website and to your social media profiles.
  • Tracking of the number of openings and clicks on your signature and social media buttons.
  • In addition, you will frequently receive updates and technical support.
  • Billed monthly or annual.

Is there a special price for business that require more than 10 signatures?

If your company needs more than 10 email signatures, please contact us at and together we’ll review your needs so we can make a proposal that suits you best.

Can the design of my email signature be customised?

If you do not find your signature among our 15 templates we can develop something tailor-made. This is a premium service from Createria Advertising we are willing to provide. Please contact us at with the subject: "personalized premium signature" and we’ll be glad to discuss your needs immediately.

In addition to Createria Signature, do you offer other services?

Thanks for your interest! Createria Advertising offers Digital Marketing and Rebranding services.

That means we can help you with email marketing, online customer acquisition strategy and that we can also refresh or reinvent your brand to show your true professional value.

All you need to do is contact us at and explain that you are already a Createria Signature user in order to benefit from additional perks! Find out more by visiting